Tama Iron Cobra 200 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal


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    Stable Tension While Playing

    The Iron Cobra 200 double bass pedal comes as standard with a beater angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle. This level of adjustment is rare with affordable pedals, making it ideal for drummers who want maximum value.

    The pedal also features a specially-shaped nut to prevent the spring unit from loosening, ensuring that you won’t have to keep adjusting the tension when you’re playing. You can just set it how you want it and then forget about it.


    • Power Glide cam for smooth feel and more powerful strokes
    • Spring tight keeps spring from twisting, so there’s never loss of power transmission
    • Beater angle adjustment allows you to adjust the beater angle to your preferred position
    • Spring tension adjustment prevents spring nut from loosening
    • Cobra Coil for faster footboard return


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