Drum Kit Level 2 – Drummers Academy Of Music

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    This book contains all the content at Level 2 of the Drummers Academy of Music syllabus, and is one of the most comprehensive instructional books ever written. This book follows on from Drum Kit Level 1, taking you through more fundamentals, including rudiments, rhythm, technique and music theory, as well as playing many styles of music.

    This book is one of a series of instructional books, and after completing this book, as well as book 1, you’ll have a great foundation to build on to further develop yourself as an accomplished drummer.


    Rhythm – Dotted Eighth Notes, Syncopating Two Sixteenth Notes & An Eighth Note.

    Rudiments – The Flam, The Drag, The Four-Stroke Ruff, The Multiple Bounce Roll.

    Compound Time – Playing In 6/8, Quarter Notes & Eighth Notes, 6/8 Grooves, Sixteenth Notes, Fills Using Double Strokes, Cymbal Rhythms, 12/8 Grooves, 12/8 Fills, One-Beat & Two-Beat Fills, 9/8.

    Music Theory – Simple, Duple & Triple Time.

    Technique & Theory – Cymbal Rhythms, Opening The Hi-Hat, Double Time, Double Bass Effect, Building Bass Drum Speed & Power, Accented Singles, Alternative Strokes.

    Blues – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, 12-Bar Blues, Play Music.

    Rhythm & Blues (R&B) – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Sixteenth Note Grooves, Play Music.

    Rock & Pop – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Eighth Note & Quarter Note Grooves, Flam Fills, Fills, Crossover Fills & Grooves, Grooves Incorporating The Toms, Sixteenth Note Grooves (Alternate Sticking), Half Time Grooves, Grooves In 3/4.

    Music Theory – Reading Sheet Music.

    Rock & Pop (Continued) – Play Music.

    Funk – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Grooves, Fills With Ties, Fills, Linear Fills, Fills Incorporating Cymbals, Fills With Texture, Linear Grooves, Paradiddle Fills, Paradiddle Grooves, Developing Improvisational Skills, Play Music.

    Rhythm, Technique & Time – Developing Ghost Notes, Syncopation Notation, Time Training.

    Orchestral – The Genre, Orchestral Figures, Play Music.

    Independence – 4-Way Independence, Play Music.

    Jazz – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Jazz Time, Comping, Fills, Stick-On-Stick Fills, Brushes, Play Music.

    World – The Genre, Ñañigo, Play Music.

    Music Theory – Hemiola.


    Written by John Vooght.


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