Drum Kit Level 1 – Drummers Academy Of Music

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    This book contains all the content at Level 1 of the Drummers Academy of Music syllabus, and is one of the most comprehensive instructional books ever written. This book will get you set up ready and explain everything you need to know about your instrument and how to set it up, all the information on correct technique, and also covers all the basic of many styles of music, and also goes into detail about each style of music, so you understand each genre you play. It has 198 pages, full of information, exercises, explanations, play-along suggestions and more.


    Getting Set Up – The Drum Kit, Other Equipment, Setting Up A Drum Kit.

    The Fundamentals – How To Hold The Drumsticks, Strokes, Foot Technique, Rhythm & Notation, The Basic Groove, Varying The Sound Of A Groove, Sixteenth Notes/Semiquavers, Basic Fills, Rudiments, Practice.

    Rhythm, Independence & Time – Playing The Upbeat, Bass Drum Independence, Time Training

    Rock & Pop – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Eighth Note Grooves (Bass Drum Variations), One-Bar Fills, Eighth Note Grooves (Kick & Snare Variations), Quarter Note Grooves.

    Music Theory – Reading Sheet Music, Play Music.

    Rhythm – Combining Two Sixteenth Notes & An Eighth Note.

    Rock & Pop (continued) – One-Bar Fills (part 2), One-Beat & Two-Beat Fills, Play Music.

    Rhythm & Blues (R&B) – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Motown, Play Music.

    Rhythm & Music Theory – Dotted Notes, Ties, Time Signatures, Play Music.

    Funk – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Eighth Note Grooves, Fills, Quarter Note Grooves, Play Music.

    Musical Theatre – The Genre, Play Music.

    Independence & Dynamics – Linear Drumming, Play Music, Accented Fills, 4-Way Independence.

    World – The Genre, Latin Rhythms, Play Music.

    Rhythm & Music Theory (continued) – Swing

    Jazz – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, Swing Time & Fills, Latin Jazz, Play Music.

    Rhythm & Music Theory (continued) – Half-Time

    Reggae – The Genre & The Drumming Greats, One-Drop Grooves & Reggae Fills, Play Music.

    Orchestral – The Genre, Orchestral Figures, Play Music.


    This book is one of a series of instructional books, and after completing this book, you’ll have a great foundation to build on to further develop yourself as an accomplished drummer.

    Written by John Vooght.


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