The Drummers Workshop

Online Community

The Drummers Workshop is a free-to-join online community, where drummers of all ages and abilities, educators, and industry experts collaborate and support one another in achieving our drumming goals.

Inside is: Demonstrations & Exercises, Product Reviews, Drummer Spotlight, Interviews, Live Music Schedule, and Ongoing Motivation & Support.

What's Included?

Demonstrations & Exercises

Video lessons to help develop your fundamentals; such as technique, rhythm, rudiments, independence, speed, dynamics, and time.

Product Reviews

Get honest reviews on drum products, and know which products will actually help you develop as a drummer and musician.

Drummer Spotlight

Videos and bio's of the drumming greats, to keep you in the know of the history of those who created the vocabulary we use today, and keep you updated on todays greatest players.


Interviews with pro drummers, and industry experts, giving you information on everything related to drums.

Live Music Schedule

Keeping you in the know of where and when all the great drummers are playing, so you can see them up close and personal.

Ongoing Motivation & Support

Being a part of a like-minded community helps your progress massively! With members able to post videos, get inspired by seeing others practice and perform; and receive praise and support for all your efforts as you learn and grow.

Learn, Practice, Play

Focused learning with the emphasis on achieving your playing goals.

FREE Assessment & Strategy Session

Book in a free Assessment & Strategy Session with John Vooght, where he can assess your playing, and give you a strategy on how to achieve your short term and long term goals.

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